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Taking the “Home” out of Homework

Jhonny Bravo

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As many students know, homework can be a hassle when you’re trying to study. Homework can be a beneficial tool that allows us to polish our knowledge, but too much homework losses its value. We begin to focus on finishing our work instead of learning the material. This is why we should dedicate a day of the school week to simply study. The most favorable day would be wednesday, it would allow students to review the material they have recently learned and ask questions the next day.

Since there would be no homework to worry about, a majority of students would be free to study after school. The school could provide certain classrooms for students to stay in. They could then split into groups depending on the subject they want to review and if they don’t understand a certain part then they can ask a peer. If teachers were present at these study groups, they could offer better explanations and insight on the topic. Students would not have to be limited to just studying in school. If they participate in sports or not, they could study once they get home and without having to stress over homework.

It can’t be said that every student is going to take advantage of this opportunity, but it would be helpful for those that do. Students who don’t use this opportunity may later realize its potential. If they are struggling with a class, they might take some of this time to review. Even if they reviewed each topic for an hour, they would gain a better understanding of it. This could then motivate them to do more of their homework since they might be able to finish it faster and it could improve their grades in the process.

This is why we should consider dedicating wednesday to studying. It would offer students the opportunity to try to understand the topic and come up with questions to ask their teachers the following day. This would also benefit students as a whole instead of favoring a select group, it might also help improve student’s grades and motivate them to work harder.

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The Voice of Every Woodlands Student
Taking the “Home” out of Homework