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An Interview with Teisha Hyman

Tamarah Hyman, Sports Desk Editor

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As many may know the sophomore, Teisha Hyman, is an outstanding basketball player who has accomplished many goals here at Woodlands. She was able to start her varsity career as a seventh grader. Most players start their varsity career as a highschooler. Teisha Hyman was able to get a head start with her career. As a middle schooler, she was able to participate in the accomplishment of winning the gold-ball. This was a big accomplishment for her because most people cannot say that their team won a gold-ballin general. Teisha is a well organized student athlete. She manages her schedule very well. Teisha goes to school, practice, and workouts and still manages to maintain a great grade point average. I wanted to know more about her basketball career so I asked her the following questions:

Why do you play basketball and not any other sport?

“I play basketball instead of any other sport, because I play basketball better than any other sport.”

What do you enjoy about the game of basketball as a whole?

“I enjoy the fun I have with my teammates and scoring about basketball as a whole.”

How did it feel to play on a varsity team as a Freshman?  

“I don’t feel any type of way because I played it my whole life.”

How did you feel about last year’s season? What is one thing that you would change?

“Last year’s season was cool. I would have tried to change the outcome of last year’s championship.”

How did it feel to score your 1000th point as a Freshman?

“It was cool to score my 1000th point as a Freshman because I was the youngest in the State to accomplish that.”

What are your thoughts about this upcoming season? If you had the chance to speak to your team on a serious level, what would you say?  

“My thoughts about this year’s upcoming season is to dominate the league. I just tell my team we have ti get a gold ball this year, that’s it.”

What would you say the goals for this year’s team are?

“My goals for the team this year is to win a gold ball.”

How far do you see the team going this year? (County Center, States, etc.)

“Gold Ball”

*Writers Note: Growing up I never really thought about playing basketball. It was only until my sister started having games and we started watching games on the television, that I realized I enjoyed watching it. I never really wanted to play basketball. People would ask me why I don’t play or tell me I should play, but I wanted to be different. I didn’t want to follow in my sister’s footsteps even though she is younger. I was introduced to dance at a young age. Ever since then, I had a passion for it. Dance is everything to me. I actually like the fact that we are completely different. We both shine in our individual way. Being different isn’t wrong at all, I actually encourage it. At the end of the day, we support each other with whatever we choose to do and that is all that matters.   

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The Voice of Every Woodlands Student
An Interview with Teisha Hyman