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Mrs. Washington Gets Promoted

Niya Khan

Kiara Coles

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Photography by Niya Khan

Woodlands High School has made some major and exciting changes this year! To start the new school year off, we have former principal Ronald Ross as Greenburgh 7 School District superintendent, former Assistant Principal Will Washington as the new principal, and previous teachers Kiana Washington and Frank Gluberman as the new assistant principals. Woodlands is starting off tremendously!

One of Woodlands most beloved teacher, Kiana Washington, loved her students and truly treasured her time in class, “I will miss the interaction between the students and me.” Fortunately for us, the assistant principal position was granted to someone who truly loved and appreciated her role with students.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Washington did not get this role by just loving the Falcons. As well as her dedication to the classroom, she was also devoted to Woodlands at large. Planning to work hand in hand with Woodlands’ new principal, she hopes to make great changes to the school for the better, striving to, “…be apart of making Woodlands High School the best school in the nation.”

She didn’t even see this position coming! Starting off her teaching career in 1996, at Community School 67 in the South Bronx as a middle school English teacher, she later continued her career at Woodlands in 2007.Although many told her to stay in her field of view, the light never really shined on the opportunity of the position until, “Mr. Ross sat me down one day and told me that it is time for me to come out of the classroom and become an administrator.  I realized that this was not just a job offer but a calling from God himself. I have strong faith in God and I believe he has set me on a path…”

Fortunately enough, Woodlands was on that path right along side with her. The new breath of air, Kiana Washington, will ensure that Woodlands achieves “The Best,” even if that means not seeing her for your English period.  She added,  “The teachable moments are priceless. I want to stay connected with the students because I believe that keeping young people around is almost equivalent to the fountain of youth. They keep me smiling, laughing, and even sometimes crying with tears of joy. Students can be the best medicine when you need to be lifted up.”

Mrs. Washington will surely be missed in the classroom. Thankfully she will still be seen hustling and bustling around the halls of Woodlands, with her new roll as an administrator!


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The Voice of Every Woodlands Student
Mrs. Washington Gets Promoted