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Make Friends… THEN STAB THEM! Fencing at Woodlands

Tatiana Rosario and Rose Tumminelli, Fencing Afficianados

March 1, 2017

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What is fencing? Fencing was a sport that was once associated with Elite of society. Now the sport has evolved into a symbol of grace, strategic thinking, and ferocity. Some tend to shy away from participating in the sport bec...

An Interview with Teisha Hyman

Tamarah Hyman, Sports Desk Editor

March 1, 2017

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As many may know the sophomore, Teisha Hyman, is an outstanding basketball player who has accomplished many goals here at Woodlands. She was able to start her varsity career as a seventh grader. Most players start their varsit...

Cheerleading IS a Sport

Star Graham

March 1, 2017

Filed under School News, Sports, Student Life

To most people cheerleading isn’t a sport. Movies tend to portray cheerleaders as unintelligent, slim, and rude. As a cheerleader I don’t fit any of these stereotypes. Growing up I was always very quiet and usually kept to ...

Taking the “Home” out of Homework

Jhonny Bravo

March 1, 2017

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As many students know, homework can be a hassle when you’re trying to study. Homework can be a beneficial tool that allows us to polish our knowledge, but too much homework losses its value. We begin to focus on f...

Get Wise about W.I.S.E.

Hanna Eshetu, Woodlands Beat Writer

March 1, 2017

Filed under Editorial, Greenburgh Central 7 News, Miscellaneous, School News, Student Life, Top Stories

The Woodlands Individualize Senior Experience is a program made for students that possess creativity and a passion they would like to explore. The Coordinator of W.I.S.E is Dr. C. Andreadis and Ms. Joy Alter along with the Co...

A Profile on the Frontrunners

Ethan Brown, Journalism Student

May 11, 2016

Filed under School News

As most of you know, it’s the fourth year since the last fourth year. 2016. That means a couple things. Most importantly, it means that Barack Obama’s second term as president is coming to an end. That’s right. For those ...

Biology Classes Have Some PhUn

Corey Neil, Staff Writer

December 9, 2015

Filed under School News, Top Stories

On November 2,  2015, Mr. Washington, his AP and Honors Biology classes collaborated with the American Physiology Association for the return of Physiology Understanding Week to the Greenburgh Central School District! This year, Woo...

A Digital Paradise

A Digital Paradise

October 22, 2015

WHS Midnight Run

Jason Ha

March 3, 2015

Filed under School News

Midnight Run is a volunteer organization dedicated to assisting the homeless. This organization sponsors more than 1,000 relief missions per year where volunteers from churches, schools, and other groups distribute food, clothing,...

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