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2015-2016 The Falcon Staff

Mei Ling Gilbert

Staff Writer

Mei Ling Gilbert is an openly loving and caring person with the best intensions of making the most out of everything. Her athletic background is terrible, but her academic style really emphasizes how much she tries to work her... 

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Ethan Brown

Staff Writer

Ethan Brown is an aspiring legend looking to make his imprint on the Greenburgh community with his striking word play and interesting articles. Although his articles are often late, he always comes through with game changing information.... 

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Corey Neil

Staff Writer

  Corey Neil is your average freshman student who enjoys playing games, reading books, and participating in various activities. Corey is a little timid and tends to portray introvert like behaviors, but is also outgoing and is ope... 

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Tyler Venzen

Staff Writer

Tyler Venzen is a 11th grade student at Woodlands High School. He is a interesting man to be around. While being quite a “deer”, he is also a very fun person to be around and enjoys talking to people. He hopes that this year... 

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Dylan Favata

Staff Writer

Dylan is a 16-year-old Woodlands High School junior who very much enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He is a mediocre guitar player despite the fact that he has played the instrument for nearly 4 years.... 

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Lia Crayne-Dedrick


Lia is 16 and a junior. She will be graduating in 2017 and wants to go to college in California. Lia has a pet cat named Simon who is very important to her. Her favorite subject this year is creative writing. She has also attended... 

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Chanya Holness


Chanya Holness is a junior at Woodlands High School. Her passions include writing, reading, and listening to music. Aside from writing for The Falcon, Chanya is involved in Key Club, Italian Club, and a number of other activities.

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Katie Sims


Katie Sims is a Senior at Woodlands, and this is her fourth year as a part of the Newspaper staff. Katie enjoys softball, learning as much as possible, and sharing stories. She is working towards her Girl Scout Gold Award, and... 

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