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My Life in 10 Years

Tamarah Hyman, Life Expert

March 1

Filed under Sports, Student Creations, Student Life

In 10 years, my life will great. I will be doing what I love. For those who don’t know, I love dancing. Dancing is my passion. I want to dance in college and pursue in the dance field after I graduate from NYU Tisch. By thi...

What’s Your Sign?

Kimmy Smith, Resident Astrologist

March 1

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Have you ever had a conversation with your friends about what “sign” you are? If you said yes to this question you’ve probably wondered more about how your zodiac sign affects your personality. If you said no then you probabl...

Surveying the Digital Landscape

Jonathan Cogan, Digital Media Overlord

March 1

Filed under Entertainment, Reviews, Student Life

THE SENTAI HAVE HIT SPACE After 41 years of Super Sentai, The 41st team have gone into Space. Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger (Space Squadron Kyuranger) has hit the Televisions of Japan and the videos of YouTube. This Sentai has go...

An Interview with Teisha Hyman

Tamarah Hyman, Sports Desk Editor

March 1

Filed under School News, Sports, Student Life, Top Stories

As many may know the sophomore, Teisha Hyman, is an outstanding basketball player who has accomplished many goals here at Woodlands. She was able to start her varsity career as a seventh grader. Most players start their varsit...

Cheerleading IS a Sport

Star Graham

March 1

Filed under School News, Sports, Student Life

To most people cheerleading isn’t a sport. Movies tend to portray cheerleaders as unintelligent, slim, and rude. As a cheerleader I don’t fit any of these stereotypes. Growing up I was always very quiet and usually kept to ...

Should Graffiti be Considered Vandalism?

Nyah Tomala, The Pulse of the Street

March 1

Filed under Entertainment, Entertainment and Technology, Student Life, Top Stories

Graffiti has a long prominent history in the art culture. People see this as a valuable form of art and expression. Others see this an act of crime. This at times can be controversial. The term “graffiti” originally comes...

How To Make It at Woodlands

Kim Smith, Woodlands Beat Writer

March 1

Filed under Student Life, Top Stories

  Transitioning out of middle school is said to be one of the hardest feats for students. The fast transition can be too much for some students and can be damaging to their grades which, in my opinion, is not always their fau...

Taking the “Home” out of Homework

Jhonny Bravo

March 1

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As many students know, homework can be a hassle when you’re trying to study. Homework can be a beneficial tool that allows us to polish our knowledge, but too much homework losses its value. We begin to focus on f...

Make Your Money Work For You!

Jhonny Bravo, Chief Money Expert

March 1

Filed under Student Life, Top Stories

Get more bang for your buck!   How do you store your money? Most of us have received money from birthdays, jobs, special events, or leftover money that we never return to our parents. Some of us might store our money ...

How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Jasmine Adrian, Chief Cosmotology Expert

March 1

Filed under Entertainment and Technology, Student Life

It can be very difficult for someone to figure out what may or may not look good on them.  Especially something that they may have to wear for a very long time. Choosing the correct hair color for your skin tone can be essen...

Get Wise about W.I.S.E.

Hanna Eshetu, Woodlands Beat Writer

March 1

Filed under Editorial, Greenburgh Central 7 News, Miscellaneous, School News, Student Life, Top Stories

The Woodlands Individualize Senior Experience is a program made for students that possess creativity and a passion they would like to explore. The Coordinator of W.I.S.E is Dr. C. Andreadis and Ms. Joy Alter along with the Co...

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

Cheyenne Fernandez

March 1

Filed under Student Life

    Up until this point in my life, everything I have known to be true is a lie. Bananas, my favorite fruit, are not what I thought they were. Fruits can be categorized into berries, pits, cores, citrus fruits, melons and tropical fruit. ...

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