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Stress: How to deal with the Pandemic


Ethan Brown
March 3, 2015

For as long as humans have dealt with problems, a strong feeling, sort of like a plague has swept across human kind. There are various symptoms, and can often be pointed out by your peers, family, and even strangers. No one wants to be near you when you’re dealing with it. You can catch it anywhere,... Read more »

SAT Season


Jason Ha , Reporter
March 3, 2015

March 14th, May 2nd, and June 6th. These dates signify the day in which juniors everywhere will take a key test that will help determine their future: the SAT. The SAT, or Standard Aptitude Test, is a national exam that high-schoolers across the world take in order to apply for colleges. Colleges will... Read more »

Let’s Fence!

Nyah Tomala
February 6, 2015

Fencing takes place at the Frelow Center, four days a week, Monday-Thursday from 3-5:15 after school. This sport is run by Ms.Biddle. If you ever wanted to fence, here’s your chance! Fencing is a fun way to stay active! Participants will learn about the gear required for fencing, such as chest protectors,... Read more »

Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers

Chanya Holness, Reporter
November 7, 2014

“Strengthening classrooms and communities through mentorship and scholarship” captures the attention of onlookers of the TSTT website, as it is declarative in language and even empowering in its duty. This is the aim of the program known as Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers. Woodlands High... Read more »

Club Day

Chanya Holness, Reporter
October 29, 2014

Involvement in school clubs and extracurricular activities are an important part of the high school experience. They are the one part of school that students fully have a choice in being a part of, and not to mention, extracurricular activities and clubs are a true reflection of student interests. Joining... Read more »

Half a Score and One Year Ago


Samantha Simpson, Reporter
October 29, 2014

We all know Ms. Gruffi, she is in her 11th year of teaching at Woodlands High School. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Gruffi outside of the Social Studies/History classes that she teaches to get to know a bit more about her. As a result, here are a few fun facts about Ms. Gruffi…. we bet... Read more »

WISE Beyond their Years

WISE pic

Kiara Bunting
June 3, 2014

For over 40 years, Woodlands High School has been home to the iconic WISE (Woodlands Individualized Senior Experience) Program, an outlet for seniors to practice and develop skills for potential future careers. Headed by program founder Vic Leviatan and Dr. Andreadis, with the help of myriad staff members,... Read more »

ACT-SO, What Do You Know?


Asia Brooks
May 8, 2014

The Academic Cultural Technological Scientific Olympics, more commonly referred to as “ACT-SO”, is an annual competition for African American high school students. ACT-SO emphasizes students’ academic skills, as well as a variety of enhancement activities. The five judged categories include: Sciences,... Read more »

Getting to Know… Mr. Woods

photo (1)

Samantha Simpson
May 8, 2014

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting and getting to know some staff members at Woodlands High School who have worked here for 10 years or more…   There are numerous staff members at Woodlands High School who have been around for a very long time who you probably think you know all... Read more »

The Flex of the Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

Samantha Simpson
January 29, 2014

Woodlands High School is in the depths of a brutal cold spell. This is thanks to the “Polar Vortex”, a large-scale winter cyclone occurring in the northern regions of Canada. Faculty and students alike arrive each arctic morning bundled up and pretty much stay inside for the entire school day. Even... Read more »